Other Background Links

Countless articles, books and other resources have already been produced to explain what happened on and around November 3, 1979. A few of them can be found in the links below:

1979 Greensboro Massacre and TRC Process Curriculum Unit  (for 8th grade Students ) by Greensboro Historical Teaching Alliance, 2019 https://www.greensborohta.org/

Beloved Community Center website

Greensboro Truth and Reconciliation Commission Report

“The Greensboro Massacre Explained”, by Eric Ginsburg, Teen Vogue, May 18, 2018

Through Survivors’ Eyes: From the Sixties to the Greensboro Massacre, by Sally Avery Bermanzohn (2003)

Love and Revolution: A political memoir by Signe Waller (2002)

Learning from Greensboro: Truth and Reconciliation in the United States, by Lisa Magarrell and Joya Wesley (2010)

Democracy, Dialogue and Community Action: Truth and Reconciliation in Greensboro, by Spoma Jovanovic (2012)

Part of the material legacy of November 3 are the Greensboro Justice Fellowships at the historic Highlander Research and Education Center. To date, 25 young Southerner organizers have been funded through these fellowships; efforts are underway to relaunch the program. For more information, visit Greensboro Justice Fellowships at Highlander.